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Workshop Photos

Workshop banner

Workshop leader, Sobem Nwoko is introduced by workshop manager Chukwuma Nwoko

Workshop leader Sobem Nwoko

Chukwudi Joy (future fashion designer) has a dream to realize

Genesis Eddy-Nwonye, Chukwudi Joy rapt attention

Sunday Dibia, Bamah Peters attentive in workshop

Emmanuel Ekwuaba (future large-scale farmer), Brown Ifeanyi Chiejine (future civil engineer), Obodoechinna Uche (future foodstore owner), Genesis Eddy-Nwonye (future fruit jiuce packager)

Chukwuma Nwoko conducts a session

The attentive class

Participants take a break

Chidinma Moemeke (future fast food joint owner) hard at work

We are not playing!

Shalom (will graduate First class) & Oluchukwu (future electrical engineer) at work

Some serious students!

Time for prizes and to graduate - mula and certificates

Oluchukwu Nwoko graduates class, wins 10,000 Naira, electrical electrical engineer to-be

Shalom Nwoko graduates class, wins 5,000 Naira, will earn law degree first class before long

Emmanuel Ekwuaba graduates class, wins 7,000 Naira, will expand into large scale farming

Sunday Dibia graduates, will coach youth soccer league

Chidinma Moemeke graduates, next fast food joint owner

Genesis Eddy-Nwonye graduates, will establish fruit juice packaging company

Bamah Peters graduates, will open bookstore

Enthusiastic participants in group photo

Wrap up with closing prayers

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